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Complexity of Preparing Oceanfreight Shipping Quote

How to prepare shipping quotes?

Last week we talked about how to prepare oceanfreight bids to transportation carriers. Another labor intensive area that both shippers and transportation carriers have is preparing shipping quotes.

When it comes to oceanfreight, these shipping quotes are not simple and involves a fair amount of detail. Oceanfreight pricing has become very complex with LCL, FCL, commodity descriptions, transit times, different container types, common-rated ports of lading, incoterms, demurrage, and numerous freight surcharges. Surcharge complexity is growing not only in the types of surcharge but how surcharges are applied, levied, and their validity periods. Ocean freight quotes include several variable surcharges beyond the control of shippers and logistics providers. The most important of these surcharges are the cost of fuel bunker adjustment factor (BAF) and exchange rate fluctuations currency adjustment factor (CAF).

ocean freight procurement software


How to prepare oceanfreight shipping quote quickly and accurately?

It’s a difficult process and one that may lead to incorrect quotations. The only way to quote oceanfreight rates efficiently is using automation. Several logistics software providers that offer shipping quote software. However, most are limited to trucking. Freightgate offers shipping quote software for air, oceanfreight, trucking, rail and a combination of intermodal services using a quote pricing program that can be connected to your ERP or used as a stand-alone program. Tariff-Trek is a best-in-class rate management and quoting solution designed for shippers, logistics providers and transportation carriers. It stores your ocean, air and ground contracts and provides very easy way to compare and retrieve the optimal rates for your shipping and quotation needs.

Using latest cloud technology and database management system, Freightgate shipping quote software helps shippers and logistics companies to increase productivity, lower costs, improve service and enhance customer loyalty. The software provides business intelligence on won/lost opportunities, sales performance, forecasts and supports decisions to boost sales and maximize margins.

Learn more about how to automate your shipping quotes. For more software details, visit http://www.freightgate.com/shipper/tarifftrek.php or call Martin Hubert (714) 799-2833. Email: sales@freightgate.com

ocean freight procurement software

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