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Logistics White Papers - Free Download

Logistics White Papers

Here are some whitepaper on logistics that might be of interest to you - free download

Reduce Transportation Costs With Intermodal

Too slow. Unreliable. Risk of damage. These were some of the reasons transportation managers once gave for avoiding rail for freight transport. This Weber INSIGHT paper discusses how many companies are now making intermodal a key element of their strategies to reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions. Download White Paper: http://www.weberlogistics.com/landing-pages-intermodal-freight-transportation?utm_campaign=InboundLogistics&utm_medium=Oct-Intermodal&utm_source=WP%20Digest%202015

Logistics Best Practices: How Do Yours Compare?

Did you know that there is a correlation between logistics solutions and customer loyalty? 70% of customers are willing to spend more money for good customer service which means you must have on-time delivery, proficient inventory management and a strong logistics strategy. Download White Paper: http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/logistics_best_practices_how_do_yours_compar

Visibility, Speed and Agility: How M2M is Redefining the Supply Chain and Transportation

Offered By: AT&T Transportation and supply chain management are critical pillars of global commerce and are facing unprecedented challenges and change. The new and original information in this study sheds light on how executives at transportation and supply chain management companies use or plan to use technology to address these issues and more. Key findings in the survey data reveal that "operational visibility" – knowing where a shipment is and monitoring the environmental conditions in near real-time of cargo in-transit – is becoming a critical tool for the supply chain and the transportation industries. Download White Paper: http://www.business.att.com/content/whitepaper/transport-logistics.pdf

Supply Chain Value: Three Principles to Obtain More From Your Supply Chain Initiatives

The supply chain continues to be an area of untapped value. Before embarking on a supply chain initiative, you can follow the three basic principles outlined in this white paper to help capture more value, instill rational behavior, and avoid friction. Download White Paper: https://www.ups-scs.com/solutions/white_papers/wp_supply_chain_value.pdf

Freight Procurement - How to get the Most Competitive Shipping Rates and Service

The simple and common notion of "procurement" is "buying" or "purchasing." But careful examination of Webster's definition -- "some degree of effort", "bring about", "contrive" -- reveals that there is much more to it. These words imply objectives, planning, investigation, analysis, ingenuity and a certain amount of production. Our goal here is to dig into those nuances within the context of the Logistics Mamangement Lifecycle -- to better understand the critical role procurement plays and leverage those insights to create competitive advantage. Download White Paper: http://www.freightgate.net/demo/

If you have White Papers on Logistics and Supply Chain topics, we will distribute them free-of-charge. Email to nmatyas@logisticsportal.org

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