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New Advanced Predictive Analytics tool unlocks the hidden value in your freight rate archives

predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics solution amplifies the decision making process creating a strategic framework to transform your freight negotiations into actionable ROI with tangible and intangible gains.

Freightgate, a global provider of Logistics Cloud Solutions, announced today the release of their Advanced Predictive Analytics solution helping shippers and logistics providers to unlock the hidden value in their freight rate archives. Cost reduction is the number one priority of most shippers and logistics providers. Achieving freight cost savings starts with a clear understanding of historical shipping trends utilizing these benchmarks to guide rate negotiations. Advanced Predictive Analytics provides the knowledge base from which strategically sound decisions can be crafted to achieve cost reduction initiatives.

The Freightgate Advanced Predictive Analytics solution inventories, cleans, analyzes and transforms your historical freight rate archives into a powerful asset to identify rate trends. Benchmarks can be established to measure your cost-savings progress. This solution amplifies the decision making process creating a strategic framework to transform your freight negotiations into actionable ROI with tangible and intangible gains. Transforming Hugh Data into Good Data delivers measurable strategic advantages for continuous operational improvements. At the same time, helps to pin-point inefficiencies, cost drain trends while providing benchmarking basis for rate negotiations and decision-making based on factual knowledge.

Martin Hubert, Freightgate, President, said, "Advanced Predictive Analytics shows how you can leverage big data into an actionable component for your business growth strategy. Data needs to be clean and structured to make data mining and visualization work effectively for you."

Leverage the business intelligence potential of your rate archives with No Startup Fee. Schedule an Expert Consultation and Demonstration of Freightgate's Advanced Predictive Analytics and Logistics Cloud Solutions, please complete form at: http://www.freightgate.com/demo or Call Freightgate Sales at (714) 799-2833. Email: sales@freightgate.com

About Freightgate
Based in Huntington Beach, California, the Freightgate team has been developing Internet solutions for the freight and logistics since 1994, such as its industry-leading Logistics Cloud Platform, offering Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; TMS, Global Tender Bid Management; Least Cost Routing, Service Contract and Quote Management; Regulatory Compliance CBP and FMC; Automated eInvoice Audit and Payment; innovative What-If-Scenario Analysis tool; interactive online Sailing Schedule. Freightgate is ISO 9001:2008 certified.. Visit Freightgate at: http://www.freightgate.com

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