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New VGM App for SOLAS Shipping Container Weight Verification Requirement

VGM Compliance Form – New App for SOLAS Shipping Container Weight Verification Requirement

New ocean freight shipping container weight verification requirement as outlined by the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) becomes effective July 1, 2016.

IMPORTANT: International shippers need to know they will be responsible for verifying the total gross weight of any shipping container they load or run the risk of missing your cargo ship booking.

The main purpose of the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) regulation set forth by SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea) is to obtain an accurate gross weight of packed ocean freight containers so that cargo ship and terminal operators can put together vessel loading and stowage plans prior to loading shipping containers on ships. A VGM Shipping container Weight Verification form will be required prior to loading ocean freight shipping container onto cargo ships.

Freightgate has developed an online VGM App for the SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirement. They have developed an industry standard VGM form for compliance and submission.

The VGM Form App is an online form that is electronically transmitted to the vessel line with a certified electronic signature by the VGM cut-off time. The VGM submission form fulfills SOLAS compliance and shipping container weight verification. The VGM submission form is saved in your shipment file. VGM form data can be used to populate other documentation to minimize labor costs of duplicate entry and is compatible with most ERM and TMS systems. Cargo shipping carriers will not accept the VGM communicated by phone or in verbal form.

The online VGM App is made available upon request with integration into your ERP or TMS (transportation management system).

GET the VGM App, email sales@freightgate.com

VGM Shipper Responsibilities :

    • The Shipper (the party listed on the Bill of Lading) is RESPONSIBLE for submitting the VGM Compliance Form to the cargo ship carrier BEFORE vessel loading date (as stated on your booking information).
    • VGM Compliance Form meets SOLAS submission requirements, and will include container number, seal number, number of pieces loaded, tare weight of container (this is stenciled on every container!) and total weight of all material loaded – including any dunnage (securing) materials (such as skids, bracing etc), plus all other information deemed necessary by particular cargo ship carriers. The weight amounts are to be totaled as the Gross Mass of the container.
    • VGM Compliance applies to ALL OCEAN FREIGHT SHIPPING Containers, tank containers, flat racks and bulk containers.

The online VGM App is made available upon request and can be integrated into your ERP or TMS (transportation management system). To obtain the VGM App, email sales@freightgate.com



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