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Supply Chain Cloud Computing is Growing in Momentum

Supply Chain Cloud Computing

Supply Chain Cloud Computing is Growing in Momentum

As supply chain cloud computing continues to become more popular, shippers must understanding the cloud technology before you get started.

A Google search of “What is Cloud Computing?” returned 236 million results. People are eager to know about the cloud. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server. It has been gaining momentum especially in the last five years.

Martin Hubert, CEO Freightgate says one of the driving forces pushing companies toward cloud computing, in particular, logistics IT outsourcing, is “As enterprises strive to show almost-immediate return on investment, they seek solutions that are globally accessible, scalable, and require minimal up-front investment. Maintaining a vast connectivity network, promoting leading-edge Web services solutions, and fueling continued innovation is a pricey proposition, so sharing these infrastructure costs among many users makes sense

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Filling the demand for cloud computing in supply chain planning and optimization are companies like Freightgate, Descartes and Amber Road. The Freightgate Universe is a newly launched cloud-based offering promises to make data movement and exchange between shippers, logistics providers and transportation carriers significantly less stressful and more collaborative.

The Freightgate Universe empowers supply chain professionals on all levels to collaborate with global vendors and logistics providers seamlessly on a single common transportation sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network. It encompasses ISO9001:2008-certified end-to-end transportation management processes from procurement, rate management, optimization, execution and visibility, carbon footprint, through invoice audit & pay. Adaptive easy-to-deploy modules to help shippers and logistics providers leapfrog into the 21st century with minimal IT development costs. Backend Integration with CRM, ERP, procurement, reporting, sales dashboards, business intelligence, vendors and suppliers, presenting the supply chain planning and optimization information your business needs in the way you need to see it.

Cloud-computing software providers can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of owning and operating computers and networks. Cloud services can be customized and flexible to use, and providers can offer advanced services that an individual company might not have the money or expertise to develop.

Supply Chain Cloud Computing

Supply Chain Cloud Computing is Growing in Momentum

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