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DSC Logistics Announces Evolution of Corporate Identity
DSC Logistics Announces Evolution of Corporate Identity

February 07, 2018

DES PLAINES, Ill.-- DSC Logistics, a leading logistics and supply chain management company, today introduced a new logo and website, marking an evolution of the company’s corporate identity. The new brand reflects the advancement of DSC’s strategy and leadership, emphasizing continuous transformation, dynamic leadership and collaborative partnerships.

“DSC is focused on helping our customers make the most of change,” said Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics. “By taking this step forward, we are demonstrating our values and vision in a very tangible way.”

The new logo embraces DSC tradition, utilizing forms from DSC history and transforming them into a timeless and progressive mark. The icon is an abstraction of “DSC” and is an ambigram, representing DSC’s ability to deliver simple solutions for complex problems and speaking to adaptability, flexibility and problem solving. It conveys sequential steps, evolution, change, advancement and growth. When the icon is repeated as a pattern, it becomes a vast network, representing systems, connections, information and holistic thinking.

For the design and development of the new mark and website, DSC enlisted Galambos + Associates, a Chicago-based strategic and visual communications firm specializing in brand elevation. “One of the things that intrigued us about DSC is an ability to bring clarity to complexity,” said Luke Galambos, principal of Galambos + Associates. “We wanted the mark and the website to reflect the company’s straightforward sophistication and authenticity.”

The new brand will first appear in print and digital communications, with a phased transition of collateral and signage across the company’s nationwide network over a period of 12 to 18 months.

“We are excited about what this evolution of our brand means for DSC because it reflects our core beliefs,” Drake said. “Transformation is more than just changing; it’s advancing to an improved state. We have always been, and will continue to be, inspired to innovate and challenge the norm, advancing supply chain thinking and practices.”

About DSC Logistics
DSC Logistics is a leader in transforming logistics and supply chain management into a critical business strategy based on collaborative partnerships, innovative thinking and high-performance operations. DSC achieves the business goals of Fortune 500 and other leading companies by designing, integrating, managing and adapting supply chain solutions. As a Lead Logistics Partner (LLP), third-party logistics (3PL) provider and supply chain consultant, DSC provides dynamic supply chain leadership, reducing total system costs, transforming business processes, improving service to customers and facilitating growth and change.

For more information about this topic, please contact Jennifer Nix at or call (312) 608-7304.
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